Matching your brand font

A plea to graphic designers, brand agencies and the ilk. Please consider the web when you choose your font and your colours. Why is it in 2022 that the web is still an afterthought?   Too often, I have seen a style guide or brand package delivered with some obscure font – that you guessed […]

Finding the right font

Astra has a huge variety of features, and while not unique to Astra, let\’s talk about the font options Astra provides. A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR, AWAY… You didn\’t have much of a choice when it came to fonts out of the box. When web fonts became more accessible you still […]

the ostrich approach

I’m sure you’ve heard that ostriches put their head in the sand, to ignore impending troubles. Some people approach social media in the same way. If you don’t see it, don’t know about it, then it doesn’t matter to you, then you misunderstand how social media works.  Social media ticks on and functions whether you […]

Optimal post length for engagement?

Custom scalable web solutions

Something we look at fairly regularly are things like character or word length and what is optimal for Search Engine Optimisation. That is, what is best for getting google and other search engines to notice your content. But what is also important is Engagement. Particularly when it comes to your Social Media presence and marketing. […]


Custom scalable web solutions

What is the deal with themes? Themes provide the layout and look for your WordPress website. They are created/designed by a third party and sold through websites such as Themeforest and woo themes. Themes are a good place to get inspiration for the look of your site and a good one is worth its weight […]

Why use WordPress?

Custom scalable web solutions

What are the benefits of WordPress WordPress is a content management system that began as a blogging tool. It soon evolved into the industry standard for content management for many business owners. In fact, 20% of hosted websites are WordPress sites. Blogs are recommended as an integral part of your overall marketing plan and WordPress […]