The pros and cons of AI in the web development space

In today’s world, artificial intelligence technology has become the driving force behind the web development revolution. The integration of AI technologies has brought about several remarkable changes across diverse industries. Developers now have access to advanced tools that allow them to create efficient and intuitive applications capable of providing users with enhanced experiences while facilitating cost savings and increasing overall efficiency through automation. The rewards are immediate, and by embracing these technological advancements, businesses can transform their operations in a matter of minutes. However, it is worth noting that there are some potential trappings wrapped around these technologies, such as biased results, security and privacy concerns, and a lack of human interaction. Additionally, implementing AI technologies is not always a viable option for small businesses due to the significant costs involved. As such, it is prudent to evaluate each business’s unique needs and structure before incorporating AI technology into web development practices. Nevertheless, when done with care, AI technology can offer incomparable benefits, changing the face of the industry, and propelling significant business growth.

All of the content above was AI written.

Now here is my practical and realistic take on AI (Artificial Intelligence) in web development. 

AI alone cannot build websites – not yet. And when it one day can, it will lack what the AI mentions above – the human touch. 

Right now in order to use many of the new AI functions, one must first know how to command the AI. Right now I can use AI to create code. But I need to know what language to use to instruct it. There needs to be understanding at my end in CSS and HTML to know what to ask for and how to ask it. Thankfully we know how to code – but no code designers may struggle here.

It has opened up opportunities for writing copy with AI. But again, without a human’s understanding of what the copy needs to be, the power is still in our hands. Copy needs to have the correct tone and while we may choose to use AI and it is becoming valuable, it often requires re-writing to have the correct effect on our audiences.  

We continue to experiment with AI, as it will become a core technology.

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