About Aptly

Aptly is a small web agency with the experience and resources to deliver on small to medium size projects, or contribute to projects of any size. After close to 20 years in the industry we have connections and the right people to complete just about any project.

Our Approach

Our approach to web development is to use the most appropriate technology or platform to meet the project goals. With technologies and standards changing rapidly you need someone who is immersed in the tech every day.

We live and breathe web technologies in our personal and professional lives. We don’t stick with old tech that we’re familiar with, we are constantly testing and exploring new tech so that we can use the right tech for every project. The newest is often not the best – yet. New technologies or platforms often take time to reach a stable and reliable product.

We don’t get caught up in fads and we don’t believe in using a tech just because it’s new or trendy. There is no single right product for every project and we will often research and test to find the best solution for your project.

Our History

Our business first started in Australia in 2004 (Decompression Pty Ltd) and after moving to New Zealand in 2013 we started the New Zealand company Claridge Media Limited. We have since returned to Brisbane and have a new name – Aptly Pty Ltd.

From here we work on projects for clients all over the world with most of our clients in Australia, UK, USA, and New Zealand.

We don’t find distance a barrier since there are great technologies that make communication easy and effective.

Your team

Meg Claridge

I am the graphic designer, brand expert and co-owner of Aptly. I am in charge of the overall aesthetic vision and small details that are important to your brand.

Knowledge is power and I’m all about knowing what’s in, what’s not, and whether it is relevant to your business. Trends can be relevant depending on your audience. I’ve seen a lot of changes in design over the last 15+ years, giving me the experience to advise you and your business.

I am University qualified with a Bachelor of Screen Production in Digital Media from Griffith University, Australia.

I also recently taught web design in a Bachelors degree program at Te Pūkenga, Dunedin.

I have experience in the following services.

  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Promotional materials
  • Product photography
  • Event photography
  • Social Media
  • Print marketing
  • Style guides
  • Content advice
  • Book cover design
  • Website design changes
  • Stock photo sourcing to match your business

Tristan Claridge

I am the principal web developer and co-owner of Aptly and every project receives my scrutiny. I work on every project and ensure that results are completed to a very high standard.

I am a full-stack developer so I know best practice for every aspect of the project, from scoping and planning, through development, deployment and launch, to ongoing support and maintenance.

My approach to web development business is quite unique. I have qualifications in environmental science, social theory, teaching and research, and business management.

I am an academic and entrepreneur and I use my cross-discipline knowledge and experience to solve problems and identify opportunities.

I see the big picture and regularly contribute much more than just software development to projects. I have scoped, planned, raised capital and established several businesses, and been involved in their ongoing management and development. This experience is invaluable to my clients as corporate digital presence and products become increasingly important.

With Aptly, you get a web developer who understands your business and can contribute with much more than just your website or app.

Why should you choose us?

We’re Dedicated to Our Clients’ Success

Your success is our success

You’re not buying a prebuilt product. We tailor each project to best meet your goals. We listen to what you want and provide guidance based on our extensive experience. We have worked with many of our clients for years and attribute our high client retention rate to our responsiveness to their marketing needs and consistent dedication to their ongoing success.

We will offer creative ideas & sound solutions

We take a different perspective

We work hard to understand your industry and online marketing goals, so that we may bring fresh ideas to the table every time. The objective behind all of our ideas is your success and satisfaction.


Over a Decade of Experience

Hundreds of Happy Clients

Since 2004 we have helped hundreds of businesses be successful with their online marketing efforts. We use this knowledge and expertise to help our clients take their business to the next level with results-driven emarketing solutions.


No on-going costs or hidden charges

We believe in transparent pricing

We believe in transparent pricing so you can see up front, all the costs you are likely to incur before you proceed with a project. If you require a modification to an existing quote we work with you to come to a new arrangement. You may require ongoing support or maintenance and this is under a separate agreement.



Deliver your project to your timeframes

 We do our best to efficiently deliver your project to your required timeframes without compromising quality. We believe in prioritising updates and small changes, and normally we can complete them within 24 hours or less. We know how frustrating it is to have to wait days or even weeks for a small change to your website or app.


 Realistic prices that you can afford

Affordable rather than cheap

 We stress that our services are affordable rather than cheap because being cheap means being poor quality. We don’t believe in cutting corners to keep our prices low. We don’t get you in and out the door as quickly as possible. We take great pride in the quality of the finished product and we value building long term relationships with our clients. We provide high quality products and services for fair and reasonable prices.


We will listen & do our homework

We get to know your business requirements

 You know your business better than anyone, so our first step is to listen while you tell us about your business and market. We’ll then do some research on our own so that we really get to know the ins-and-outs of your industry and hot buttons for your audience. With this knowledge, we’ll help you define what makes you unique. This upfront effort is a proven way to make a significant difference in the end result.


We will deliver what we say

On time and within budget

 We believe you should get what we agreed to without unwanted surprises. We are clear from the initial proposal to set expectations and ensure success. Each of our projects is structured to be on-time, within budget, and without surprises.


We will bring energy & focus to your team

We bring collaboration

When we work together, to develop solutions that creatively address your business needs. What do we bring to the team? We bring solid experience: we have worked with code, design programs and the Internet since its infancy. We bring collaboration: we know how to bring people, technology and creativity together. And we bring friendly faces: sometimes we even bring coffee and treats.