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The most popular and powerful CMS

One thing that has been consistent in our work has been the desire our clients have to be able to maintain their own sites. We use WordPress which is the most popular CMS worldwide. As at 2023 over 810 million sites use it.  that’s almost 50% of sites worldwide. We then build your site around this platform which allows you to expand your business as you grow. All our designs are unique to suit your need, the framework robust.


What's so great about WordPress?

There is a lot to like. And a lot that our clients like. Here is a quick overview.

This is a big money saver for you and your business. While I’d highly recommend you steer clear and leave design changes to the experts, you can add new pages, blog posts, and edite your menu with ease. We offer training in this too,

Start with a business card site. then scale up to membership systems, shopping carts (E-commerce, Learning systems (LMS), booking systems and so much more.

We use Elementor Pro to build your site. It is an extremely powerful and supported Content builder that allows us to create the site exactly as you and I desire. We are not limited by a specific themes look which allows us full creative control for your brand.

We use Pro because it offers us the best widgets, support and continued upgrade of their amazing features. 

Hello Theme doesn’t pigeon hole your site into a specific look, it allows us to build custom designs specific to your brand . It doesn’t lock us in to a specific layout and it is super fast.

We update sites (on our hosting) regularly and install appropriate security plugins. WordPress and the other plugins we use are regularly including patches in their updates to keep those nasty bots and hackers at bay.

Want to know what you can do to help keep your site safe? Read here

Yes, WordPress sites can be fast. Many competitors will try to convince  you it’s not but sites easily achieve A grade ratings for speed, and coupled with our hosting you  wont be waiting on a super slow site and lose customers