Web Support

It does not matter if you are a current client or not, we offer web support to everyone. Clients come to us for web support for a variety of reasons and we are here to help you with what you need.

Some reasons might be you:

Want your site to do some things new like:

  • Sell product
  • Have members
  • Take payments
  • Create a community
  • Add bookings
  • or somethings else (there is a lot your site could do and the list is endless)


We can advise of the best course of action for what you want to achieve.


Person frustrated at computer

Want some issues fixed

You or a third party ‘broke the site’.

  • This covers a lot, maybe you can’t access your editor, or some critical web tool isn’t working as it did. You don’t know what you did or what happened. We can look at your site and get to the bottom of your problems.


Maybe you pasted in some content but it doesn’t look right.

  • We deal with this all the time. It’s not your fault exactly. You’re just copying and pasting from another program eg. Word and some styles come across with that. We can clean it up, and do it quickly.


You or a third party tanked your Search rank.

  • We’ve seen it happen. You or perhaps an SEO ‘expert’ (please vett who you use for SEO carefully) have done ‘something’ that causes your visitors from search to bottom out. This can result in a lot of lost revenue and damage for months to your rank. We can evaluate what the cause may be and advise what to do next.

No matter what you want us to help with, know that we have a lot of experience debugging, troubleshooting and supporting our clients.