Logo and Brand

Successful branding is much more than a name, colour, font, logo… It is about creating and controlling how your company is perceived in the marketplace. It requires consistency and patience.

Brand identity

Who is your desired audience? Not sure how this should impact your brand identity. Let us help you figure that out. This should be your first step in developing your brand and is for all businesses.

For most businesses their brand is their single most valuable asset. A brand conveys a company’s values, its vision for the business, the personality of the business and the promise that it makes to your customers.

Your brand is your reputation and your visibility in the marketplace.

We believe it’s about building a brand image that will resonate with your customers and keep them coming back again and again—even when there’s no deal or promotion to entice them.

A good brand:

  • Creates a perception of quality
  • Differentiates you from your competitors
  • Creates a perception of credibility, reliability, stability, value, accuracy
  • Creates loyalty and advocacy
  • Can command a premium price

Logo design

Your logo says a lot about your business. You don’t want it to say the wrong things. Your logo is very much the face of your business and quality matters. It should be identifiably you.

We use a variety of methods to create your logo. From sketching, through to digital illustration. Custom typography, and creating iconic symbols that represent your business. Most importantly it isn’t some copy of another companies logo.

It is unique to your business.

With experience designing for all types of business, we will understand your requirements whether it is a corporate brand, small business, or start up.

We consider not only style for your logo but also colour. For the same reason that major food brands use yellow, orange, and red for their brands (red for stimulating hunger, yellow for making you happy). Colour psychology is important for your brand.

Style guide – A Guide to your vibe.

Now you have a brand identity and logo designed, Its time to lock down what you’ve established in a style guide. Style guides can be as simple as establishing font, logo and colour use, or they can really establish what your brand represents, and give direction to those who use it. Style guides are helpful to supply to newspapers when organising ads or for any design purpose including web.

Style guides save time and time is money. How many times has a designer just got it wrong, when if they’d just had a style guide, your brand would be so much clearer to them. Style guides are especially useful for content creators, providing them a guide to your vibe.

“A good style guide lays the foundations for consistent, on-message brand content to be created (be it in-house, agency or freelance) and approved.”– Dave Standen

Our brand development service focusses on creating and strengthening your brand.

1    Getting your brand strategy right and aligned with your business objectives

2    Developing all the tools you need to communicate your brand including logo, tagline, website, etc.

3    Strengthen your newly developed or updated brand