Finding the right font

Astra has a huge variety of features, and while not unique to Astra, let\’s talk about the font options Astra provides.


You didn\’t have much of a choice when it came to fonts out of the box. When web fonts became more accessible you still need to add code to get them to work. Luckily for us, Astra has made choice fonts very simple. Out of the box, you have system fonts – known for their fast load speeds – but if they don\’t suit you also have access to 848 font families by Google. It\’s extensive, to say the least. A fan of Adobe Typekit? You can also use those fonts via Custom Typekit fonts as part of the Astra addons. Simple for a designer/developer to integrate into your site. Not enough fonts for you, you can also upload your own custom font to Astra.

Not sure what font to use?

There are a lot of options to choose from which can be overwhelming. I remember when there were just 10 or so google fonts included. It didn\’t give you much choice but it did mean it didn\’t take too long to choose. I recommend taking a look at the Google fonts selection on their site first. It allows you to put in your own sample text so that you know it will work for the style of your site.

Go to Google fonts:

Start by choosing the style you are after. Do you want serif or sans serif?

Serif is the little tops and tails:
a slight projection finishing off a stroke of a letter in certain typefaces.

Sans simply means \’without\’ serifs. You\’d know serif fonts as being like your Times New Roman, and Sans-serif as your Arial and Helvetica fonts.

There are also other styles you can choose from including handwriting, and decorative. Other descriptors such as monospace or display fonts can fit into the categories of sans serif, serif, decorative, or handwriting.

You can narrow it down some more with font thickness (weight), slant (italics) etc. With Adobe Typekit, you have more control of your font filters.

So throw in some of your custom text, and see how it looks. You\’ll be surprised by the huge variety of fonts available to you, just don\’t get too carried away, you don\’t want to become that crazy font person.



A serif font

A san-serif font

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