Why use WordPress?

What are the benefits of WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that began as a blogging tool. It soon evolved into the industry standard for content management for many business owners. In fact, 20% of hosted websites are WordPress sites. Blogs are recommended as an integral part of your overall marketing plan and WordPress perfectly caters to this requirement. Though a blog will certainly help your SEO results, WordPress has moved past its humble origins and can now be used primarily as your face on the web.

The look of WordPress sites is no different to many custom sites on the web.  And, with endless theme choices and a developer to help you customise your choice of theme, you can achieve a unique design for your business.

Generally, WordPress sites are a lot quicker to set up than a full custom designs.  This also saves you money in development costs.

Want to see examples of how we personalise Word Press themes?


WordPress also supplies us with an endless supply of plugins that we can activate on your website. This includes booking systems, e-commerce and social media integration, SEO improvement, and so much more.

Who uses WordPress?

Big News companies, Musicians, Brands like SONY, eBay and Samsung.
To view these websites: https://wordpress.com/notable-users/

What are the drawbacks?

You need to be on top of security. Not a problem. We do this by implementing some WordPress security plugins that protect you and your site. Â All sites including non WordPress sites are vulnerable to attack, so it is all about putting systems in place to protect you.

When you should use WordPress

If you want to be able to add new blog posts, and pages regularly then WordPress is for you. It also makes it easy to edit your site regularly including your site sliders, logos or anything else that may change over time. Â You won’t have to pay somebody else to add content unless you actually want to.

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