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custom designs built on a solid foundation

One thing that has been consistent in our work has been the desire our clients have to be able to maintain their own sites. We use WordPress which is the most popular CMS worldwide. We then build your site around this platform which allows you to expand your business as you grow. All our designs are unique to suit your need, the framework robust.


Quality hosting packages & support

We manage the hosting for the majority of our clients. This allows to ensure you have the right hosting for your needs. We’ve seen what some hosting providers sell and call premium, because sometimes we’ve had to work on externally hosted sites and slow can be an understatement. This can be a real turnoff for clients visiting your site. Afterall, they can’t buy your product if the page won’t load.


over 17 years building sites for our clients

We started by building sites from scratch – html, css, php, java script and much more. So, we have the background and knowledge to support your site.  There’s no project we haven’t been able to tackle because of our experience and expertise.

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website bells and whistles

As well as business card sites we also specialise in all the functional add ons you need for your business to function:


We also offer design services to our clients. We have on our team a trained designer. 

Aptly is a small web agency that delivers big results on any size project.
Local and global clients, new projects or redesign/upgrade of existing web sites, maintenance and updates, consulting and custom solutions.

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