Hashtags (how many?) and Engagement

Have you noticed hashtags are now appearing on Facebook? At this point, it isn’t an integral part of Facebook and there is no need to start adding it to your business posts. In fact, it has a slight ick factor with some Facebook users as it is not the norm. But, what about the other social media platforms?

It’s pretty simple thankfully when it comes to how many hashtags to use for optimum engagement on Twitter and Instagram. In terms of hashtag use on Tumblr, we’ll also talk about that.

Let’s talk a little about how hashtags are used.

For categorising your posts, for getting engagement for your posts and making personal comments on a post. For business it will be the first two.


The optimum number of hashtags for engagement is 1-2. If it’s a business tweet, it is a wasted opportunity not to hashtag it. Posts with 1 to 2 hashtags get more retweets, favourites and follows. Too many hashtags in this medium will turn off your followers. Do some research on what to hashtag. Sometimes slipping in your location in an appropriate tweet can be a way to engage possible clients. Decision on hashtags are all part of your overall social media plan.


Hashtags are king on Instagram. Go to town, the more the better. Your engagement varies, but it seems that 11 tags is some magic number. I have a theory on this one. Could it be a trick of the eye? The more hashtags makes it look more popular. There doesn’t seem to be a clear pattern for what actually works on Instagram, but there does seem to be much chatter about the dislike for a lot of hashtags. In fact, while it’s a good idea to have at least one tag, 2 tags will get you more engagement than 4 tags. Don’t stress. In my opinion, you don’t want o be thinking about creating hashtags at the risk of your followers wondering what’s with that tag???


It’s the fastest growing social media platform. It suits some businesses but not all. Hashtags are very important on Tumblr. Firstly for engagement, it’s how your Tumblog is found by other users, and secondly, hashtags are used as a form of expression. #what in the world was I doing???? is an expression hashtag. The more the merrier with hashtags is a good rule on Tumblr. Also using similar terms will get you better engagement. Say you’re tagging fear the walking dead. Don’t forget to use #ftwd #feartwd #fear the walking dead plus add some character names e.g. #rick grimes #glenn rhee. There is some talk that between 7 and 12 is the magic number for hashtags.


Google plus adds hashtags for you. Google Search values your social media engagement so it is still a good idea to have a page and use it. Even if nobody will ever see it. Sorry Google you were a bit too late to the game.

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