Dunner Stunner

Let me tell you a little about Dunedin (Ōtepoti), New Zealand. If you live here then I\’m preaching to the choir. If not, Dunedin is a real surprise. When I told people I was moving to Dunedin, they weren\’t overwhelmingly positive in their view of the place. From \”It\’s the second-most inhospitable place in the world\” (apparently Invercargill takes first place), to it\’s full of feral students, oh, and it\’s so cold there. While it can be a little chilly at times, it\’s really not compared to many places in the world. Sometimes it feels like you skipped Summer, that\’s true. But what they don\’t tell you about are the beautiful blue skies that you get most of the time. If you rely on weather reports you\’d be convinced that Dunedin was rainy and miserable all year round. The bad weather rarely eventuates, though I guess it\’s nice that they warn you, just in case. 

It\’s a city, undeniably, but without the drawbacks of a big city. It is a compact harbour and seaside city at the South of th South Island. This little city is known for it\’s innovations, in medical and tech. It\’s a bit of a hub for web, gaming and other startups. It\’s very well known as a student city. Every January there is an influx of students to the University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic. It\’s an influx of energy and activity, and if you attend a Highlanders Rugby game you\’ll see a big part of the student culture if you observe \”the Zoo\” at a game.

We\’re super close to some natural wonders and you\’re bound to be exposed to some native wildlife if you keep an eye out. Seals and Sea lions often visit and live on our beaches, The birdlife is phenomenal, like in most places in Aotearoa. Here you can find Little Blue Penguin (Korora), Northern Royal Albatross, Tui, Kereru, and Yellow-eyed Penguin (Hoiho). If you visit Orokonui, you\’ll even spot a Kiwi, Takahe, or South Island Kaka.

Cafe culture is definitely a thing in Dunedin. The food is primo and so is the coffee. Talking of culture, it is also host to some very nice street art. While Dunedins latest slogan (A pretty good plan d) pokes a bit of fun at itself, It is truly a wonderful place to visit, live or work. I almost forgot Baldwin Street – the steepest street in the world. They used to hold a race there where they\’d throw jaffas (candy coated orange flavoured chocolate – by Cadbury) down it. Photos included below.

I hope you enjoyed this brief write up on this pretty special place. A final word of warning, bring clothing for all seasons, the weather is a little temeperamental.

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Photo credit: Meg Claridge


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