At this stage in your website development, we have finalised the design, tested systems, and we’ve added and finalised content changes.

Your site is now launched – Congratulations – Time to celebrate!

But hold up just a sec. There are just a few things left to do and know.

Let’s talk about 

1. Bug and functionality testing, and

2. Content changes

1. Post-launch testing

3-4 weeks

During this phase it is very important to test the site to ensure it fulfils all functional requirements. 

  • If you have a payment system, you will have done pre-launch testing – test this again
  • If you have funnels on your site – test them all the way through to their final point
  • If you have membership or other login systems, test all elements of this including lost passwords, and other scenarios
  • Test buttons, links, forms etc
  • Test on mobile and tablet for responsiveness, and do this on a variety of pages
  • Report any problems as you find them

After the testing phase ends, bugs or errors that are found will incur an additional fee to fix. As we have handed over the project we limit the fixing of issues to this timeframe as future errors may not be of our doing and it would be difficult to determine this.

We recommend you set a reminder 1 week before the testing phase ends so you have sufficient time to finish your testing. We have already tested the site but user testing is important as it can be unpredictable how an end user may navigate a site.

2. Content updates to the site

Our focus as web developers is now on finding and fixing bugs. Content changes are now handed over to the client to complete.

for content updates you have two options.

  • Do it yourself (DIY option), or
  • Employ us to make content changes for you



You will have been provided with your login for the site. You may already be familiar with WordPress and Elementor. If so, you may be able to make change to the site. If you have not dealt with either of these then training is highly recommended.

Training may already be included in your quote. If not we can provide training at our quoted support rate.

There are also numerous resources on how to use WordPress and Elementor available on youtube, though these will not relate directly to the individual design of your site.

If making changes to the site yourself, stick to content updates only. There is a lot going on in the backend, and our training will point you to the safe areas for your skill level.


We can make content changes to your site on your behalf

Sometimes making content changes yourself may not be your cup of tea. It’s not for everyone. We are well versed in how to make these changes as we work with this system, day in day out. This makes us very efficient at doing so.

If you’d like us to make changes to your site, please refer to your quote for our support rate. We also offer support contracts which may be an option you would like to consider. These support contracts are also outlined in your initial quote. Not sure what our support rate is, contact us.