Our Technical

Claridge Media is a full-service digital agency: domain & hosting services, design & development, marketing, and ongoing maintenance & support.

Our philosophies

Communication, process, project management and support We’re not looking for clients, we’re looking for partners willing to do the necessary work to build and maintain strong, successful relationships.

A long-term approach to planning, development and support are essential for your success. We’re here when you want to change something, you want something new, or have any questions about your site, app, strategy or anything else. We believe in an account-based approach to business that allows us to be your long-term digital partner.

In our industry almost anything is possible, so clear communication is vitally important. There may be dozens of options, each with different pros and cons, so to make informed decisions and avoid misunderstandings clear communication is required. We speak your language, not technical jargon. If we don’t know something, we’ll tell you. If we don’t have skills or expertise in some area, we’ll tell you. Honest and open communication is the key to successful projects and long-term relationships.

We believe that we must speak the truth. That means asking difficult questions, stating strong opinions, and learning from constructive criticism. Nobody is perfect and we all require input from those around us to do the best possible work.

Our expertise

What do we do best? We build websites and web applications. We don’t claim to be able to do everything, but after almost 15 years in the industry we have used lots of platforms, frameworks, libraries, etc.

Technically we are most comfortable working with the LAMP stack, and jQuery, AngularJS and other javascript frameworks. We are increasingly using Node.js and NoSQL as new and emerging technologies present opportunities to do things differently.

We love complex requirements and creating elegant solutions. We have built complex asset management systems, mapping and resource management systems, logistics management systems, ecommerce systems and customer relation management systems, membership systems, and many more.

One of our greatest strengths is the ability to understand and define what our clients need. This comes from listening carefully and asking the right questions informed by our extensive experience.


We believe that our success can be attributed to nearly fifteen years hands-on experience in all facets of web design, development and marketing.


We believe our clients should be part of the process, resulting in outcomes that match client requirements and exceed expectations.


We have technical expertise in a wide range of platforms and technologies that allows us to complete almost any project.


We’re a small team with specialist skills – giving us the opportunity to move quickly on projects, dedicating resources in a very focused way.

Our services

Online Brand Development – New, or strengthen and polish an existing brand

Website Design & Development – New sites, redevelopment and maintenance

Web Application Development & Maintenance – Design, development and ongoing maintenance

Ecommerce Solutions & Online Shops – Shops, CRMs, inventory management, logistics

Mobile Website Design & Development – Mobile specific web sites and mobile detection

Email Marketing Design & Campaign Development – Strategy, design, systems, tools, analysis

Online Advertising Campaign Strategy & Management – Strategy, PPC, social ads, banner ads, and more

Search Engine Marketing / Optimisation – Analysis, strategy design, optimisation

Professional Copywriting Services – New website or app content, content marketing

Social Media Branding & Strategy – Page setup, strategy development, training

Hosting & Security Services – Website, application and email hosting and security

Domain Registrations – All available domain name types

Expert Consulting Services – Technology consulting and advice